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Lady Petrova and the School of Fabulousness

Hello darlings, do you love all things fashion and need some inspiration to start your own fashion label, build a personal brand or find your creative flair? Lady Petrova from the School of Fabulousness can help, and we sat down … Continue reading

Library at the Dock

If reading more is on your New Year’s to-do list then we’ve found the library that book lovers’ dreams are made of. Library at the Dock is a state-of-the-art community hub located on the gorgeous Victoria Harbour Promenade in Docklands, … Continue reading

Kensington Town Hall restored, reopened and ready to mingle

If you live in Kensington, or peer out the window as you travel on the Craigieburn line, the Kensington Town Hall on Bellair Street may be a familiar sight. What might not be as familiar is the sight of the … Continue reading

Melbourne by bike

It doesn’t matter if your two-wheeled steed is a fixie, foxy vintage number or a multi-speed racing machine, Melbourne is geared up to treat cyclists right. To get you on the road and keep you there, we’ve got you covered on … Continue reading

Where to eat this Chinese New Year

Among the firecrackers, music and dancing dragons this Chinese New Year, Melbourne’s best Chinese restaurants are putting on a special spread to celebrate the Year of the Goat. With a whopping fifteen days of festivities celebrating the biggest event on the Chinese … Continue reading

Discover Melbourne at dusk, under the clocks

More than 40 years ago, Melbourne School Teacher Angus O’Callaghan wandered the streets of Melbourne at dusk armed with his trusty camera, capturing a beautiful side of the city that’s now on display at a City Gallery exhibition. Taken from … Continue reading

Chinese New Year highlights

Chinese New Year 2015 is here and there are plenty of fun-filled events in Melbourne to welcome in the Year of the Goat. See the city come alive with hawker markets, street performers, fireworks and the magnificent Chinese dragon. Here’s a few … Continue reading

A World Cup cricket memory of Melbourne

With cricket fever about to hit Melbourne thanks to the arrival of the ICC World Cup, a City of Melbourne employee wound back the clock to reminisce about the last time our great city hosted the iconic tournament…. I can … Continue reading

Ready for a two wheeled adventure through Melbourne’s streets and laneways?

Imagine you’re on a heroic quest through mythical lands, slaying monsters, confronting ghosts, finding treasures and solving riddles along the way, only it’s in Melbourne and you’re on a bike! Welcome to the wonderful world of 1000 Cities, an interactive game … Continue reading

Melbourne for the Anti-Valentine

If Valentine’s Day normally has you rolling your eyes and harrumphing at its sentimentality, then this blog is for you. (If you love all that lovey-dovey stuff, stop reading now, and read our Bring the love post.) To douse the … Continue reading