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Your coffee can help someone else

Feel even better as you sip your morning coffee, knowing your dollar is making a world of difference to someone doing it tough. We found a collection of socially-conscious eateries, cafes and bars that are actively supporting worthy causes, either with suspended … Continue reading

Speedy city lunches for $7.95 and under

Need to find a quick lunch in the city for less than $10? No doubt you have your go-to spots when you’re on the run and on a budget, but keep these in your back pocket for your next grab and go. … Continue reading

Inbetween cocktails and karaoke

Linda Jean was wedded to her suburb. With all the bars and restaurants ‘popping up’ where she lives, she admitted, ‘There hardly is a reason to go elsewhere.’ As close as the city was, it seemed a world away from … Continue reading

Not-to-be-missed burgers

It’s not hard to find a burger in Melbourne, but when it comes to burger joints that absolutely cannot be missed, you may have some new favourites after reading this article. We’ve tracked down a few burger joints in the city … Continue reading

Meet the inhabitants: Fitzroy Gardens

Few cities in the world are as blessed as Melbourne to have so many breathtaking parks and gardens, from the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Treasury, Queen Victoria, Flagstaff and Carlton Gardens, and Birrarung Marr. Fitzroy Gardens in particular, is a … Continue reading

Melbourne’s hidden history

It might be a dewy-eyed adolescent compared to Europe’s stately capitals, but Melbourne has packed a lot of history into its short life – and some of it will surprise you. Separate fact from fiction, and uncover the city’s hidden past … Continue reading

Inbetween high art and street art

After candidly confessing ‘I think I had become quite set in my ways just hanging out in Brunswick’, Neil rediscovers eclectic performances, colourful laneway art and an abundance of artist-run spaces in unlikely Melbourne locations. No creative journey would be … Continue reading

Meet your local Melbourne designers

From dapper chaps to dazzling dames, there’s no denying that Melburnians are a sassy, stylish bunch. We tracked down our world-famous Melbourne ‘look’ by visiting the city’s very own independent designers, who bring bold and colourful style to our city streets … Continue reading

Music in May

Gigs in Melbourne come in all sizes. From a 100 piece orchestra, to an intimate tango performance, to the mighty sound of the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, discover a different type of music performance this May. 2015 Metropolis Festival From 4 to … Continue reading

Give your Mum a Melbourne Mothers Day

A material gift may be nice, but the gift of an experience with you will stay with your mum for life. We’ve done the research and, no matter what mum is into, Melbourne’s the place for a memorable Mothers Day. … Continue reading